Universal’s Monster Invasion

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Universal Pictures is looking to turn Simon Rich's short story Everyday Parenting Tips into a feature film. Using Rich’s adapted script, Ryan Reynolds starring and Paul King directing. The short story, published by The New Yorker back in May, takes place during the Great Monster Uprising.


Simon Rich explains the story setting. “Unfortunately, kids seeing monsters are becoming more common in the aftermath of the Great Monster Uprising that occurred earlier this year. Ever since the creatures descended from the Dark Place, their presence on Earth has become an unavoidable aspect of our daily lives. If your child is afraid of an actual, real-life monster, like Gorgog the Annihilator, or Ctharga the Eater of Souls, explain to her that, although those monsters are obviously real, the likelihood of them attacking her is only moderate.”


Other monsters from the short story include the Gauntwings, who hunt their prey exercising only their hyperdeveloped sense of sight, and the massive Drain of Ga described as being a giant, swirling portal in the sky that looks like a screaming mouth.

The tag line notes that the movie will be a big scale family action-comedy. Not much more information has been released about the project. Some have delicately hinted at it being kinda like a modern take on 1987 Monster Squad. Then yes, please.

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