PET SEMATARY Prequel Plot Announced

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Most everyone will agree the book is better than either movie. While fans are split on which adaptation is better. I am firmly a 1989 fan. True the 2019 remake is closer to the book, the ending completely ruined it. Now we will be getting a prequel, which should be fine because this is fresh mostly untold material.


The film will feature the character of young Jud Crandall. Jud is the strongest supporting character in the novel, this new film pushes him front and center. We will learn more about what kept Jud in Ludlow his entire life, and the dark secrets buried deep in the woods nearby his lifelong home.


We finally get an indigenous character named Manny. He will be from the First Nations. This is exciting since the novel and previous films have half-handed the Aboriginal themes. Placing an actual Native American character in the story with so many legends should have been an automatic thing, but we only get the minimal reason why the woods are the way they are. Hopefully, now we will get a proper explanation of how and why the strange magic works. 


The fans should also be happy with the announcement of the character Timmy Baterman. Baterman’s story is not included in the 2019 film, even though it is a very important plot point in King’s novel. It’s also one of the horror/chilling parts of Pet Sematary's novel. But they did add in a short film “The Tale of Timmy Baterman” with the Bluray. 

Lindsey Beer will direct the Pet Sematary prequel, and Jackson White is playing the young version of Jud Crandall. Other cast members include Jack Mulhern, Forrest Goodluck, Natalie Alyn Lind, and Isabelle Star LaBlanc.

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