By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

If you are looking for some Christmas-themed horror entertainment, then Netflix may have what you are looking for.

In Netflix's Danish horror series, Elves, Josefine (Sonja Steen), and her family arrive on a mysterious remote island, Armandso, to spend Christmas together after school and work had everyone growing apart over the year. However, after Jose quickly discovers the existence of an elf youngling, nursing it back to health after her family's jeep hit it, things start to go awry as they discover that the island holds a much darker secret. 

I have always had a weakness for little creature films. Be it Gremlins, Ghouls, Munchies, Critters, and a host of other 80-90s horror movies with cute but dangerous little creatures. And Elves has all that and then some. It is the classic human/creature fighting a larger danger. And we all know it works. Plus Elves taps into an unsung part of Nordic culture, and it does it in a way that’s better than its basic premise would suggest.

Elves rely on some tropes, this distinct creature feature in the form of a swift, straightforward, and exquisitely shot TV series is a welcome addition to the world of horror.

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