Prey the New Predator Movie

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Out of most franchises spanning decades, the Predator films have been the most refreshing. Not that there have not been some stinkers, but instead of rehashing, reimagining, and deleting old content. And this new film (a prequel) just proves you don’t need to remake a film to make what looks like an interesting movie.

The new Predator film has its official title and poster. Titled Prey, we will be spanning history. The film, directed by Dan Trachtenberg and from a screenplay by Patrick Aison. The film is set 300 years ago in Commanche Nation. Hopefully, a fun Easter egg if you remember Predator 2, Danny Glover was given a flintlock pistol marked 1715. So we might see that particular pistol and maybe why it was a trophy in the first place. According to canon, a Predator will take a weapon trophy when it kills a Predator. This makes me happy.

The synopsis for the film is short but very interesting: Naru, a skilled female warrior who fiercely protects her tribe against a highly evolved alien predator.


Amber Midthunder (Roswell, New Mexico) and Dane DiLiegro (American Horror Stories) star in Prey. DiLiegro will play the Predator inside the suit. Prey is set to premiere in the Summer of 2022.

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