Naomi Watts Starring In Amazon’s Remake Of Goodnight Mommy

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Your first question most likely will be, “What is Goodnight Mommy?” Very simply it is one of those below the radar gems that somehow slip by most people. Goodnight Mommy is Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala’s 2014 Australian film. It is best described as a psychological drama that will leave your brain wobbly. It is a classic slow-burn film that ramps up in the last 30 minutes. 


In the original(no spoilers, so don’t worry), Elias and his twin brother Lukas arrive at their mother’s house to find her face covered in bandages. The result of recent cosmetic surgery. Lukas delights in their mother’s uncharacteristically lax house rules, but in Elias’ mind, a dreadful thought takes root: the sinking suspicion that this woman beneath the gauze, who’s making their food and sleeping in the next room, isn’t really their mother. Then the story jumps the track and runs down the canal then through the forest. It is one of those movies where I immediately rewatched it. When you think the movie is going left and then goes right.  So if you are looking for a movie to watch, YouTube has it(with ads). Goodnight Mommy - YouTube 


Amazon announced that The Ring actress Naomi Watts will star as well executive produce. The original film’s Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz will be executive producing the remake, written by Kyle Warren and directed by Matt Sobel (Take Me To the River). So I can only assume it is a faithful remake. My advice is to watch both. The first did not disappoint me, and we will see with this remake. It will have to be something special to beat or even compare to the original.

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