Rocky Horror at 45

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

With a bit of a mind flip. 

You're into the time slip.

And nothing can ever be the same. 

You're spaced out on sensation. 

Like you're under sedation. 

The Madness reigns in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hands down the greatest midnight-movie classic ever put on film. The story is relatively innocent(mostly lol), we have a newly engaged couple who stumble upon a Transylvanian convention at the castle of an eccentric alien scientist. This iconic legend of a movie turns 45 on August 15th.


If you are like me, you’ve seen it a hundred times, you’ve danced ‘The Time Warp’ more time than you can count, and have attended a showing of it, complete with props, actors, and the ultimate cosplay audience participation ever been seen. Today, The Rocky Horror Picture Show turns 45 years old, and we’re celebrating by talking about the best bits of the cult classic with a throng of faithful followers who not only know every word of dialogue and song but have an entire list of jokes to accompany the whole movie. RHPS is a secure haven for everyone. Skinny, fat, short, tall, black, white, yellow, green, blue, red, or magenta.


Released on August 15th, 1975, the film begins on a wild and rain-swept late-November evening, somewhere at an empty stretch of road outside Ohio's merry Denton, blissfully affianced, prudish, boringly innocent young pair Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) and Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon) find themselves stranded on their way to visit an ex-tutor. Instead, the typical couple will inadvertently unearth the cross-dressing Dr. Frank-N-Furter's (Tim Curry's) spooky lair of inexhaustible oddities; Riff-Raff the butler (Richard O’Brien), Magenta the maid (Patricia Quinn), and Columbia the groupie (Nell Cambell). Arriving just in time to partake in the out of this world mad scientist's proud unveiling of his latest, delightfully extravagant, most daring creation: the ultimate male and the ideal sex symbol: the flaxen-haired Rocky Horror (Peter Hinwood). But, little by little, as the effervescent transgressive force gobbles up whole the unsuspecting visitors of the memorable night, Brad and Janet slowly begin to embrace the potent fascinations of seduction, while an idolized Rocky roams free in the mansion.

From kicking musical numbers that will entice you to get up and dancing (you legitimately can’t sit down for The Time Warp) to an off-the-wall plot that will keep you enthralled. The Rocky Horror Picture Show has cemented itself as a favorite among both the young and old and continues to do so, even 45 years later. Whether you’ve belted out the lines while wrapped in a feathered boa from the comfort of your own sofa or you’ve gotten all gussied up in your best corset, fishnet stockings, and stilettos to head to the live-casted viewings, we bet you’ll recognize all of the bits that we’ve declared are the best.

The opening credits are great.


Imagine a song but with information like the scroll at the beginning of a Star Wars film. Now have a giant set of crimson lips on a black backdrop singing the informative song. It’s one of the best parts and sets up the entire movie.

The Brilliance of The Time Warp.


The greatest and most energetic song of the film. You can disagree, but you’d be infinite times wrong. If this doesn’t get you up and dancing, I don’t know what will. Even Charles Gray informs and demonstrates how to do the dance, so you really have no excuse.

Frankenfurter’s introduction.


When Frank introduces himself to Brad and Janet plus the rest Transylvanians, it is pure musical gold. Sweet Transvestite is possible the 2nd best song with Curry’s belting out those great tunes and lyrics. 

Meatloaf’s appearance is pretty great.


Y’know, until he gets hacked to pieces with an ice ax by the ever-jealous Dr. Frankenfurter. Tell me when you realize they are having Meatloaf roast at dinner that it wasn’t a surprise. Especially when Frank pulls back the tablecloth to reveal a disemboweled Eddie. 

When everyone gets unfrozen, and they are all dressed up as Dr. Frankenfurter. 


We went from naked statues(except for Dr. Scott and his lap blanket) to full-blown Transilvanian attire. The songs are complete with plenty of nip-slips, sensual dancing from Brad, and even Dr. Scott in his own set of fishnet stockings.

When Magenta and Riff Raff reveal their dastardly plan.


Let’s also mention their elbow sex(hey, if it feels good do it). We see that poor Frank is being replaced and the Transylvanians are going back home to the planet of Transsexual, in the galaxy of Transylvania. 

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