Trippy ‘I Need You Dead’ Review

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Who else are fans of the classic movies like Basket Case, Dead Alive and Brain Damage? Well, I Need You Dead offers up some of those surreal intoxicating journeys these other films offered. Besides the really interesting story, we are also getting practical effects done by Face Off contestant Eric Fox(Jupiter Wolf in the episode "Howl at the Moon" looked freaky) 


The trailer for Rocko Zevenbergen’s I Need You Dead is probably one of the trippiest I have seen in a while. And the storyline sounds even more surreal. In a nutshell, it is about a young man named Dood who manifests a disembodied wise-cracking, sharp-toothed being after taking some hallucinatory street drug gummy bears. That is some mean edibles.  The only way I could describe it is Guerilla Filmmaking meets Troma while doing shrooms and washing it all down with a cocktail of grain alcohol and kerosene.  


Zevenbergen has stated that he made this movie to deal with some of his own mental health issues. Apparently, he was inspired to write the film in an effort to expel a dark depression he was battling at the time. The film became therapy for that. If you are getting a Troma vibe while watching the trailer, that’s because it’s a tribute to one of the greatest independent horror movie producers of all time, Lloyd Kaufman. Lloyd also makes a cameo. Zevenbergen states the film pays homage to the works of Lloyd Kaufman, David Lynch, and early Peter Jackson.


The film, for now, is only available through the film’s official site but might be available to stream on a subscription service in the near future. The director hopes that Shudder will take an interest. For now, I just want to spread the word because I really think it has the potential for cult classic status.

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