Drive into The Final Ride

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Indie

I was reading an article recently about how fear and laughter light up some of the same areas of the brain during an fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan. The fear is the type we get from reading books and watching movies and TV. So the old saying that comedy and fear are opposite sides of the same coin is more true than we originally thought. I then remembered that The Final Ride will be released worldwide on digital on July 14. The Final Ride is an Indie cheeky horror-comedy that uses the anthology format as a vehicle to share three stories. Naturally, this captured my attention. I love Indie films, anthologies, and horror comedies. It hit the trifecta for me. How can you not love a movie with a poster of a flaming skeleton driving a car? The Final Ride follows an Uber driver, Jean, as she picks up new fares throughout the night. Passengers come and go, but some have unique tales of their own that carry us out of her car and into their lives. We follow them home and bear witness to their horror stories. The first story is about a young couple that buys their first home, finding a mysterious box of VHS tapes in the basement. The second story follows two friends-on-a-bender stumbles upon a tattoo parlor and finds lasting repercussions. The final story is about Jean the Uber driver that gets more than she bargained for with one of her passengers as they take what could be her final ride. Practical effects are absolutely key when it comes to indie horror, and The Final Ride delivers. With a brisk run time of 79 minutes, The Final Ride essentially combines three short films into one movie. The core of it is a horror-comedy that uses the anthology format as a vehicle to share three tales. If you’re looking for something new and under-the-radar, you’d be wise to give it a test drive.

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