Box of Human Heads is Not What I Ordered

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Into The Mind

Calling Dr. West, Dr. Herbert West. There is a package for you. We have all heard and read stories of thieves stealing packages from your door, vehicle, and delivery trucks/vans. But this one is a wee bit different. A box of human heads was stolen from a delivery truck for medical research, officials in Denver said.

The theft occurred Thursday morning at 11 a.m. when the Denver Police said someone broke into the box truck and took a blue and white cardboard box of human remains that had “Science Care” written on the sides as well as a dolly. Science Care is a program for donating bodies to science to help improve scientific research and education. 

Here is where my weird alarm goes off because something doesn’t seem right. Where was the truck going? Why was it parked in the residential neighborhood? Who was driving? Did the suspect intend to steal remains or was it an accident? Police could only confirm the heads were being transported to be used for medical research. They couldn’t share any further details, as the case was still active.  So far no arrests have been made. 

Here is my opinion on this bizarre case. We have a lazy driver either taking a break or visiting a special friend. Crackhead sees the truck and breaks in. He/she notices a box with Science Care on it. From the weight, thinking drugs, or high-end equipment. Steals the dolly because the box is heavy. Then poops his/her pants when they open the box.

Yes, it is fun to think we have a Frankenstein or Herbert West running around stealing body parts for some unholy experiments, but I doubt it is the case. 

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