Horror Caviar

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Creepy

It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas. Practically everyone has that one horror fan who is hard to buy for (or maybe you are that person). Well the people at A24 may have the solution.

Shipping out November 30th, A24 is releasing Horror Caviar. A horror-themed cookbook. The cookbook not only features inventively creepy recipes, but essays on the influence of food on the horror genre of film, with contributions from chefs, writers, and food influencers.

Here is the description from their webpage:  

Got a taste for horror?

Feasts, delicacies, and drinks inspired by 29 horror movies from cult to canon, including Audition, Suspiria, Possession, Ganja & Hess, Midsommar, Trouble Every Day, The Shining, The Witch, and many more.

Featuring culinary contributions from 25 celebrated food artists, stylists, and chefs, original essays by A.S. Hamrah, Phoebe Chen, Yasmina Price, Sohla El-Waylly, Stephanie LaCava, and Carmen Maria Machado, and a foreword by director Ti West.

If Horror Caviar is something you are interested in, then head over to their website and order a copy or two.  A24 Films

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