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By RodneyHatfieldJr for Indie

If you are like me and watched one of your favorite films, and wondered how it would feel to work on a movie. How about write, produce, direct or even star in a production. Well, the people over at Dead Frog Productions decided to stop dreaming about doing these things and make it a reality.

Dead Frog Productions (Love the logo) is a student-created production company based in Leicester, UK. DFP began as an idea, then these motivated individuals while studying film at De Montfort University began working. They produced their first film later in 2018.


Headed by core members of; Adam Harcourt and Aran Webster. Dead Frog Productions specializes in short film production, screenwriting, editing, sound, camera operation, make-up and practical effects, and acting. 


Being just a little over 2 years old, this production company has already created some great concepts, ideas, and stories. Browsing their selections of Youtube videos, I have picked a few of their choicer pieces. A Date with Death is a comical approach to a scary subject. Who knew the devil sounded like the baby of Freddy Kruger and Jigsaw. THRILLOVISION reminds me of those classic Saturday Night Live segments. But my favorite I watched is a toss-up. The Sheriff. Being a dog lover, I would watch a series of the little fuzzy cutie. But the Unseen Eyes was a shocker. That had a creepy quality, especially with the cam style of video work. I could see that one as a full-blown movie.



If you want to check out some of their fantastic work or just to give these hard-working people a like or share then head over to:

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