Horror Anthologies for Halloween

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Since it is just 5 days till Halloween, how about we look at 5 anthology films for each night. I have always liked the anthology formula. Usually having 3 to 5 shorts per film, these films usually have at least 1 short for everyone. For this list, I have decided to pick movies you can watch for free, either on Youtube, PlutoTV, or Tubi. That way if you want to watch one, you can without buying, renting, or borrowing it. Naturally, these films are in no order other than how I think of them. And I hope you find at least one to your liking and will view it this Halloween season.

The House That Dripped Blood 1971

One of the best from British film studio Amicus Productions. This anthology horror film centered around a cursed house continuously inherited by new tenants—which is to say, victims. Its tales are filled by a strong cast of familiar British faces, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, Denholm Elliott, Ingrid Pitt, and Jon Pertwee. It’s the perfect film for a jovial, Halloween atmosphere.

Fear(s) of the Dark 2008

The French Fear(s) of the Dark stands out as a significant film because it is animated. The five tales are moody and evocative, each one striking to behold. How this was presented, I wonder why we have not been given more animated horror.

V/H/S/2 2013

This is a double Either part 1 or 2 would be good, but I chose part 2 for the A Ride in the Park segment. I just like the GoPro style. It is new and well done. However for the good, there are some bad too. I like the idea of a random VHS tape. Having a VHS as my main movie avenue as a kid, you never knew what was on the unmarked VHS tape. Is it a TV show, movie, sports, home movie or blank? You didn’t know what you were going to get until you hit the play button.

Tales of Terror 1962

Yea I put a Vincent Price film in, who would have thought. A solid entry in the anthology category. Edgar Allan Poe inspired tales with Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone, and Vincent Price.  With those titans of horror, how could you go wrong?

Body Bags 1993

Originally it was a series for Showtime, but the series was canceled after only a few episodes had been filmed. Not wanting to lose the material, Carpenter simply assembled his favorites into a feature film. What is memorable about Body Bags is the goofy wraparound segments, which feature Carpenter himself as a Crypt Keeper-esque mortician who gleefully hacks apart bodies and drinks formaldehyde. Carpenter’s character would be enough reason to watch it, but the huge number of stars is the cherry on top.

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