The Collector Returns

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

He's back! The fans have been asking for a new Collector movie since The Collection back in 2012. Marcus Dunstan’s The Collector series has been a haymaker of intense gore horror. The newest film titled “The Collected” takes us back and again pits Arkin up against his nemesis, The Collector. And we have production pictures to share.


The Collector was a very straightforward cat and mouse film about a cat burglar who burgles the wrong home at the wrong time. The night Arkin sets his burglary plans in motion, The Collector is already in the house and has already booby-trapped the entire house with some pretty memorable traps. The most notable was the straight razor wire designed like a spider web. 

In the sequel, The Collection, Arkin once again,  goes head to head with The Collector. This time, Arkin is stepping into the spider’s parlor and the traps and victims are significantly higher. 


The third film will once again have Akrin (Josh Stewart) and The Collector (Peter Giles)  going up against each other again. However, it's going to be a little bit more complicated, since the second film ends in a very surprising way that I won’t spoil here. Unfortunately, there is no synopsis for the new film, so we will have to wait until the production team deems it ok to give fans a few tidbits.  However official word is we should be seeing a new trailer soon, and a release date sometime this year. 

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