Prisoners of the Ghostland: Official Trailer

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Nicolas Cage, you are becoming a favorite. I think he has to be on some cocktail of drugs and magic to be able to turn out movies so fast. Since I enjoyed his last 2 films, Pig, a revenge drama, and Willy's Wonderland was just insane fun, will Cage do it again. This time we are getting Prisoners of the Ghostland, the English debut of Suicide Club director Sion Sono. The film will be released in theaters and on VOD/Digital on Sept. 17, 2021. 

On a side note: if Sono becomes popular, he also made Cold Fish, and I do not recommend this film for the faint of heart. However, Gorehounds will love it. I do recommend Tag, and no I am not talking about the 2018 Jeremy Renner film.

Unlike the last two films, this one is rooted in both worlds of horror and action. Add in Bill Moseley and Sofia Boutella, now we have a movie. I really want to see Moseley and Cage bounce off of each other. Because those two are some intense character actors.

Here’s the plot synopsis.

“In the treacherous frontier city of Samurai Town, a ruthless bank robber (Nicolas Cage) is sprung from jail by wealthy warlord The Governor (Bill Moseley), whose adopted granddaughter Bernice (Sofia Boutella) has gone missing. The Governor offers the prisoner his freedom in exchange for retrieving the runaway. Strapped into a leather suit that will self-destruct within five days, the bandit sets off on a journey to find the young woman—and his own path to redemption.”

Sounds like someone watched Suicide Squad and Hell comes to Frogtown one too many times. But we have Cage and Moseley, so I don’t mind. I enjoy Bat-guano crazy. Sit back and enjoy the trailer. Sono and Cage, the duo we didn't know we needed or wanted.  

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