Indie Horror Movie The Fall of Usher Trailer

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Creepy

Sweet baby Jesus with a cracker, I finally have electricity back. As I have said in the past, I live in one of the most pristine places on earth, but there are some shortfalls. We occasionally have Derechos. If you are not enlightened on the various meteorological terminology; Derechos are straight-line wind storms. Derechos cause hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, heavy rains, and flash floods. So if something like a power substation, power poles, or lamp posts are in the way, they tend to fall over very violently. And the resulting power outage can stretch from a few hours to weeks depending on how many Derechos land at once. So imagine a dark 1.6 km+ wide windstorm going in a straight line with 80 to 100 kph winds. It will make your butt pucker to be in one lol. Anyway, that is where I have been the last few days. Sitting in the dark like a neanderthal. Now to the news.

The Fall of Usher from Mutiny Pictures similarly adapts Edgar Allan Poe tales. The adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic premiered at H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival 2021. Mill Creek Entertainment brings the film to Digital on July 12, 2022.

Based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, the story is one of his best. According to the official synopsis:

A young man caring for his terminally ill father gets pulled into a maelstrom of murder, madness, and the macabre.

The horror film stars Spencer Korcz (Wretch, One Wrong Step), James Tackett (Overtime, United We Fall), Savannah Schafer (Night of 1000 Clowns, Beasts of the Field), Rita Hight (Roman Citizen, Bullitt Country), and is written and directed by Brian Cunningham. Produced by Nic Brown and Janel Nash.

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