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Walt Disney established an empire that includes studios and theme parks like no other. It wasn't just a collection of amusements; it was a complete, self-contained world that looked and felt entirely different than anywhere else on Earth. Walt Disney Company, with its impressive selection of enchanting entertainment, has been amazing families for over ninety years. However, the glittery magic has a creepier underside. From sinister spooks to frightening fiends, Disney hosts a horror filled roster of delightfully sinister creations. Animated stories, macabre movies and cartoons, plus a healthy number of urban legends. So let's sneak a peak behind the curtain of the most magical place on earth.

Real Skeletons


When the Pirates of the Caribbean ride first opened they used real skeletons to decorate it. Because the original Imagineering team felt that the faux skeletons of the period were just too unconvincing. The grotto sequence originally featured real human remains obtained from the UCLA Medical Center. The skeletons were later returned to their countries of origin and given a proper burial.

However, there is still a human skull that remains on the ride, it can be seen above the bed in the Captain's Quarters.

Going To Hell


As you would imagine, the older rides are creepier than the newer ones. One of these dark rides is Mr Toad's Wild Ride with Mr Toad from The Wind in the Willows. What makes this ride creepy is that it ended with Mr Toad going to hell after he collides with an oncoming train. The hell part was filled with demons/devils and even heated to make it seem more like you were in hell.
For those keeping score, there's no scene in the movie or book versions of The Wind in the Willows where Mr Toad goes to hell.  Disney was the one who decided, "You know what Toads Ride needs? The devil and hell."

Cadaver Dans


They are a group of undead singers who act as a Haunted Mansion variant of the Disneyland Dapper Dans. They are played by live-performers and sing acapella music. Nothing says innocent fun like the four rotting undead corpses serenading you.
Better watch out, if they tap their feet too hard, it might come off.



The Slavic God of Evil is eternally associated with Modest Mussorgsky’s dark classical music masterpiece, Night on Bald Mountain. From his deliciously dark performance in Fantasia.
Nothing screams children's classic film like a great and powerful night demon who awakes and summons evil spirits.

Walt’s Ghost


The light is kept on in Walt Disney’s former apartment above the firehouse on Main Street for a reason. He maintained an apartment over the fire station on Main Street, where he and his family would stay to enjoy the park, or where Walt himself would go to get some work done. Patrons would frequently see a light in the window, meaning Walt was working at his desk. After his death in 1966, the apartment remained empty, but employees still went up to dust it. One night, a woman went up, did her usual cleaning routine, shut off the desk lamp, and went downstairs. On Main Street, she noticed the light was still on. Thinking she had forgotten to turn it off. She went back to the apartment, shut off the light, and came back downstairs. Again, she looked back and saw the light was on. Thinking there was a short in the lamp, she went back into the apartment, unplugged the lamp, and left. Down on Main Street, she looked up again and saw the light blink on, and the drapes pull back as if someone was looking down at her.

Darby O’Gill And The Little People

Possible my favorite Disney movie. Yea it's so cute and funny. It has Sean Connery, fatherly Albert Sharpe, Janet Munro and a host of magical leprechauns. It is full of songs and dancing. But people forget the ending. From banshees to headless specters, many a child (and some adults) couldn’t go to sleep right after watching this shamrock treat. With the use of special effects and lighting, the wailing hooded Banshee is a hideous evil spirit that makes The Ring girl look like a chump. The film’s frightening climax has the appearance of the glowing death coach that comes to collect the soul of Darby’s ill daughter.  
Being a Disney film, there’s a happy ending but not before the heralds of death spook the kiddies into screaming into the arms of an adult.

Disney Park Characters


GEEEZE. Talk about climbing out of the 9th circle of hell. How could anyone look at these and gave the OK for them to be used as entertainment for kids? I’ve had nightmares that didn’t look this gruesome. Maybe kids in the 30-40's were more resilient that kids today. Are we even sure Walt liked kids?

Lady in White


A ghostly apparition wearing white Victorian clothing is said to wander Main Street, helping lost children find their way to the baby care center. This is said to be the spirit of a woman who died at the site in the 1900s, before the park was built, but still connected to the land. Some have theorized the old-timey feel of Main Street may have been why she remained.

Pluto's Judgement Day


I have no clue who decided this was a good idea for a cartoon short in 1935. Here is the plot; Pluto is chasing a little kitten through the forest and into Mickey’s house and into his lap. Mickey is upset at his pet and disappointed and tells him that he’ll have a lot to answer for on his judgment day.
The scary comes in when Pluto falls asleep and dreams he goes to hell. He is put on trial by a bunch of cats and found guilty. We find out the lovable dog has killed a few cats. His punishment is being lowered into a mini volcano and burned alive. Thankfully he wakes up and makes up with Mickey and the little kitten.

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