Inside No. 9 Coming to Amazon Freevee

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

This news makes me warm inside. Now I don’t have to cruise darker parts of the web to find episodes. For those who don’t know, Inside No. 9 is a British horror, black comedy, and thriller anthology series. From the same grain as Twilight Zone, The Dark Side, or Monsters, this show gave us horror with a splash of comedy and psychological thriller. For whatever reasons, finding new quality British TV outside of the UK is difficult. I can only assume it is because of copyrights, and the small number of episodes in most series. The new series is being picked up by Amazon Freevee.


Amazon Freevee (hate that name), the ad-funded streaming service (formerly IMDb TV), unveiled a slate of originals. Among them is a new remake of the British series “Inside No. 9,” an anthology series that blends horror, dark humor, crime, and suspense. Currently, in development, this series is from Lionsgate Television and BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions. The new series promised to be a dark comedy that features high stakes, shocking twists, and the unexpected.

Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith (In the Earth, A Field in England) created BBC’s original award-winning anthology series. Each episode, which often explores genre twists and tropes, is loosely linked by the number nine and a brass rabbit figurine. Pemberton and Shearsmith will executive produce the new series alongside Angie Stephenson and Josh Cole. 

That legacy is a high bar to clear, as Inside No. 9 is currently one of the best shows you’re not watching. Series 7 of the UK version of Inside No. 9 is currently airing on Wednesday nights on BBC Two. While Pemberton and Shearsmith star in the original series, who will star in the remake has not yet been announced. Pemberton did take to Twitter to encourage fan-casting.

More news will be coming.

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