Great Snowy Day Movies

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

November 1st is a nice transitional month. It prepares us for winter by getting a little chillier as the days go by. Add it holidays and my birthday; November is usually nice. Well, guess again. I begin putting my Halloween decorations back into the closet when I notice a horrible thing. It was beginning to snow big white horrible snowflakes. WTF??? We are exactly 13 hours 27 minutes into November and I see the dreaded fluffy particles of hypothermia floating on down to cover everything in sight. No easy transition into winter this year. It is like Nature giggled and then field goal kicked us right in the goody basket. So holly jolly winter, over a month before winter even starts.

So I decided to list some of my favorite snow-themed films. Every time I look outside, it depresses me to see my Jack O’Lanterns white. This list is my depression therapy. Naturally, these films are not in any way, shape, or form in order. They are just entertaining.

Frozen 2010

No, not the singing, dancing one from the mouse factory. The one movie based on a true story. Three skiers find themselves trapped in mid-air on a ski lift with a snowstorm moving in, the resort closing down for days, and a pack of wolves circling on the ground below.

The drama and fear are the driving force behind this. Plus it gives me 3 reasons why this won't happen to me. I don’t ski, I hate heights, and snow sucks. So good luck ever finding my fat ass on a ski lift in winter during a snowstorm.

Jack Frost 1996

Again not the happy Michael Keaton movie. This is a horror comedy. Snowy weather causes a police vehicle carrying a convicted murderer to collide with a tanker containing an experimental acid. When the acid spill onto the killer, he melts into the snow, we have a killer snowman!

I remember renting this after a mom came into the little video rental shop I was in and going ballistic. Apparently, her little munchkin had gotten this and thought it was a kid's movie(great parenting by the way), and had watched some of it. She said now the kid was traumatized. Well if it traumatized someone, I had to watch it. This is one you either like for what it is, or you hate it. There is no middle ground. I find it very entertaining.

The Shining 

Either the original 1980 or the 1997 miniseries; both are good. A writer who gets a job as a caretaker at an isolated hotel that closes every year during the perpetually snowy winter season. As the snow sets in, so do the ghosts and the homicidal insanity that results in redrum.

I like the miniseries better just because it is true to the book, but either version is entertaining. 

You'll Like My Mother 1972

This thriller plays like a mix of Misery and Flowers in the Attic, as dark family secrets and homicidal mania erupt when a pregnant woman decides to visit her late husband's mother for the first time, arriving during a snowstorm that traps her in her mother-in-law's mansion for days.

One of those 1970s psychological horror films that get lost in the sea of iconic horror films.

30 Days of Night 2007

Alaska serves as the ideal locale for a vampire invasion, given the town plunges into 30 days of sun-less darkness every winter.

Who knew when you turn into a vampire, you forget how a napkin works.

The Colony 2013

In an apocalyptic future in which the Earth is covered by snow, most of the population is dead, and the survivors live in underground colonies. That must band together when a pack of feral cannibals attacks.

Classic apocalyptic story but with snow that adds some needed flavor to the whole concept.

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