Haunted British Royal Palaces

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Creepy

When we talk about haunted places, the British royal palaces are a bloody mess. Ok, in the past they were. These magnificent estates are among the most gorgeous buildings in the world, the spirits that stalk palace grounds remind those in the present day of past tragedies. From the winding cloisters of Windsor Castle to the looming fortress walls of the Tower of London, the unsettled spirits of past monarchs and their minions trod and wander about. Apparitions, screams, and even bloodstains serve as unsettling reminders of past inhumanities.

Yet no one is staying away from these places. They all are lively tourist spots. Now if you are looking for some royal paranormal activity; or trying to dodge it. Let's look at some places to keep an eye, ear, and nose(Phantosmia, look it up) out for when it haunted British history. I am going to list different places because I could complete a whole article and not leave the Tower of London lol. So in no particular order than what comes to mind.

Catherine Howard's Ghostly Screams 


King Henry VIII favored the luxurious Hampton Court Palace. His wife, Catherine Howard, supposedly favors it in the afterlife. Henry VIII ordered her demise for adultery and treason, but Catherine's restless 19-year-old spirit refuses to leave the grounds where she was detained. Before her head was taken from her body, she ran through the courtyards, screaming out to the king in hopes of sparing her life. Those who have encountered Catherine's ghost say she can be heard crying out in anguish and pleading for mercy.

Two Young Princes 


Prince Edward V and Prince Richard, Duke of York, were taken to the Tower of London at ages 12 and 9, respectively, never to be seen or heard from again. After being taken, they were believed to be slain.

Like the twins in the Shining, inhabitants claim their spirits haunt the grounds, identifiable by their long, white nightgowns. They never walk alone or make a sound; they simply hold hands and linger before dissipating.

The Blood Of Mary, Queen Of Scots' Lover


Mary, Queen of Scots, enjoyed a close friendship with her private secretary, David Rizzio. When Mary's husband became suspicious of the relationship, he called for Rizzio's abrupt termination. Rizzio has pierced a total of 56 times in the dining room. While their relationship was short-lived, the legacy would haunt the dwellings of Holyrood Palace for centuries to come. Rizzio's bloodstains still blemish the wood floors of the dining room to this day - even though the wood panels have been replaced several times.

Shag carpet would solve this problem.

Jane Seymour Blocks The Staircase


Jane Seymour has allegedly taken up residence in the stairwells at Hampton Court. The beloved wife of Henry VIII, she met an untimely and abrupt demise due to complications from childbirth. She walks the Palace, dressed in white, foreboding and full of sadness. Some say she appears on the birthdate of her son (and the date of her passing) to dwell on the Silverstick Stairs. This stairwell leads up to the room where her tragic childbirth took place. 

Anne Boleyn's Spirit Weeps


The spirit of Anne Boleyn has apparently never quelled her sorrow. Her husband, King Henry VIII, believing she retained an inappropriate relationship with her brother, ordered her demise. Many believe she was innocent, however, locals say she now hides near a window at Windsor Castle, crying to herself in eternal agony.

The Secretary Has Never Left His Office


While serving as King Edward VII’s private secretary, Major John Gwynne became involved in some scandalous events. Amidst the pressures of society and unable to thwart ever-circulating rumors, Gwynne shot himself in a first-floor office in Buckingham Palace. Those who still traverse the offices say his uneasy spirit lingers in the room, disturbing guests with his presence. Stay in the room long enough, they say, and the gun going off that claimed his life can be heard echoing throughout the office.

He must have a buttload of vacation time saved up.

Agnes Sampson Terrorizes At Holyrood 


Agnes Sampson died at the mercy of a group of witch hunters(never a happy bunch). The girl left a curse on the inhabitants of Holyrood Palace. According to lore, Sampson's ghost creeps through the palace, displaying the wounds that claimed her life.

The 'Grey Lady' Haunts The Clock Court 


The 'Grey Lady' has been seen haunting the Clock Court and State Apartments at Hampton Court Palace since her tomb was disturbed in 1829. This Grey Lady is Sybil Penn, a servant who aided Elizabeth I through her smallpox recovery. While helping the queen, Penn herself developed the virus and passed. Some say she continues to inhabit the apartments, making noises with a spinning wheel.

I would check the pipes. Every so often pipes have been known to make weird noises and those noises might sound like a spinning wheel. Just a thought.

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